Privacy Policy

(Locationappartementspattaya) Integrity Policy

We at (your name of website) protect your personal integrity in processing your personal information and always strive for a high level of data protection. This privacy policy explains how we collect and use your personal information on (your name of website). Our policy also describes how we collect information legally and reliably, and it also describes your rights. Contact us if you have questions about our handling of your personal information and how we work with privacy and data protection at the following address.

We take steps to ensure that your personal information is always protected by us and that processing is in accordance with applicable data protection rules and our internal guidelines and practices.

Who is personally responsible?

( is a personally responsible person and can be contacted at the following address:

Tel: +

How do we collect personal data?

We collect information that you provide to us at eg. that you submit a request to receive quotes from service companies, upon notification to our newsletters or when you connect a company to monitor the marketplace on relevant assignments. Often you are in our internal contact information as an established contact, but sometimes we have discovered you in our global surveillance.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

(Locationappartementspattaya)  collects the personal data needed to perform the services our users and companies want to perform on the marketplace. Personal data are all kinds of tasks that alone or in combination with other data can be linked to a physical person who is alive. Common personal information is name, social security number and contact information, for example personal data can be images and sound recordings.



What is the purpose of processing your personal information?

Your personal information can be used to deliver a service you have asked us for assistance with receiving quotes from service companies or for sending email with relevant information. We may also, if you have not opposed such marketing in writing, use your personal data for market and customer analysis, development and improvement of our services, risk management and statistics.

Purpose and type of tasks

Legal basis for treatment

Handling customer registers for affiliated companies. Confirm your identity and verify your personal and contact information to manage connection agreements.

Type of information: Name, social security number, email, phone number, username, password.

The processing is necessary in order for us to comply with our contractual obligations to the company or organization that you represent

Subscription of newsletters, offers and market outlets

Type of information: Name, contact details, eg e-mail address and phone number.

The processing is based on your consent to receive communications and offers.

The processing is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in handling your participation in competitions and / or events, as well as marketing our existing or new services.

Locationappartementspattaya’s obligation to fulfill legal obligations in accordance with legal requirements, decisions or authority decisions, such as Accounting Act.

Type of information: Name, social security number, email, phone number, username, password, membership fee payment.

Compliance with legal obligation. This collection of your personal information is required by law. If the information is not disclosed, Locationappartementspattaya’s legal obligation can not be fulfilled.

Provide reports and statistics for monitoring and evaluating our business as well as improving our services and business development to develop new products and features.

Type of information: Name, Gender, Profile Settings, Purchase History and Payment Information, Technical Data pertaining to Used Devices, Purchase and User Data (e.g., Click and Visitor History)

The processing is necessary to meet our and our customers legitimate interest in evaluating and improving Offertas services and systems.

Processing your personal information to handle customer service matters.

Type of data: Contact details, such as email, correspondence, account information, social security number.

The processing is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in handling customer service issues. In addition, there is a contractual obligation for us to provide you with customer service under the User Agreement.

Processing of your personal data when applying for employment or internship with us.

Type of information: Identity information eg name, contact details eg e-mail address, phone number and postal address.

The treatment is based on your consent that we will be able to communicate with you regarding current recruitment matters